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General Features of the family Zingiberaceae

Zingiberaceae with about 50 genera and more than 1500 species are distributed mainly in the tropics and subtropics. India has rich diversity of Zingiberaceous plants. perhaps 200 of the world taxa occur in India. Many species are economically important as source of food.


Globba L.
Mant. 2:170. 1771.

Commonly called as 'dancing ladies', consist of about 100 species mainly distributed in tropical Asia with maximum diversity in Malaysia, Thailand and Myanmar. In India it is represented by 13 species including recently transferred species of Mantisia Sims. and are widely distributed in Western India, South India and Andaman & Nicobar Islands. It is characterised by relatively small labellum, attached with the filament forming on andrecial tube above the attachment of corolla tubes, and long arching filament like a fish-hook and the anther at the distal end..

Globba marantina
Globba ophioglossa
Globba orixensis
Globba pauciflora
Globba schomburgkii
Globba andersonii
Globba clarkeii
Globba macroclada
Globba multiflora
Globba platystachya
Globba racemosa
Globba rubromaculata
Globba siamensium

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